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Orange Jeans Album Cover

Orange Jeans by Karen O’Brien escaping the terror of war emotionally which I feel is very relevant during this pandemic 2020, with issues such as violence, hate,and disease going on, covid 19 ,I think it’s important we have a positive escape from all this through our faith and hope, music and love for our mental health.

Why did you choose the album cover you did I chose it before I new about covid (I chose my album covers fairly early on in my production process)and that we were in a pandemic it stood out to me perhaps a preminition, her being wrapped in the glad wrap which ironically things are being wrapped in gladwrap atm such as chairs and doorways to prevent the virus, I couldn’t find a picture of orange jeans so I chose the fruit as my symbol for the orange, I really just loved the photo, couldn’t have imagined the turn of events that we’re about to unfold, I found this imagery very artistic and very symbolic and beautiful, a statement of healing earth perhaps with the orange in her hand, being an artist in regards to painting as well I study and appreciate visual imagery, maybe it’s symbolic that we need to protect ourselves from the virus of racism, she is covered by the gladwrap being protected. ❤️