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Is An Australian Songwriter, mother, artist, fashion designer, political admin, uni student.
Has Autism, participated in volunteer work with Cerebral Alliance in her past years for 4years. Has a daughter with Autism and Global Development Delay, has autism herself and cognitive impairment, strong advocate for disability.
Has had over 85,347 plays on n1m.
World Songwriting Awards 2019 /2020 Finalist x3 , Aired on Music Mafia Radio in 2018 with Rust and Girl in the Park
Completed HSC, Open Foundation
Diploma of Community Services. Music Career- 2017 to current Early Life and Career- Completed HSC, Open Foundation
Diploma of Community Services. Uni Student (current) performed Awards and Honours-World Songwriting Awards 2019 Finalist for Fire In The Heart and World Artist for Giggle in the Fall.

Discography.2017- 1.I will 2017,2.Royal Blue 3. 2017, 4Fire in the heart 2017,5. the wandering stare 2017,6.100 years 2017,7.White moon 2017, 8.Blankie and the giraffe 2017.9.Refuel 2017
10.My canadian man 2017
11.Sinking ship 2017
12.Swing it 2017,Cash and mum 2017, 13.Royal blue 2017 2018- 14. Rust 2018, 15.Love Boat 2018, 16.Fire in the heart 2018 17.God sees 2018
18.The blood of Jesus Christ 2018
19.Good old Wallsend 2018
20.Her wings 2018
21.Butterfly wings 2018
22.The wings from Heaven – the heart of you and me 201823.Girl in the park 20182019
24.Tattoo on my body 2019,
24.Stroke 2019
25.Bitter sweet 2019
26.Giggle 2019
27.Dear Andy 2019

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