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Orange Jeans Album Cover

Orange Jeans by Karen O’Brien escaping the terror of war emotionally which I feel is very relevant during this pandemic 2020, with issues such as violence, hate,and disease going on, covid 19 ,I think it’s important we have a positive escape from all this through our faith and hope, music and love for our mental health.

Why did you choose the album cover you did I chose it before I new about covid (I chose my album covers fairly early on in my production process)and that we were in a pandemic it stood out to me perhaps a preminition, her being wrapped in the glad wrap which ironically things are being wrapped in gladwrap atm such as chairs and doorways to prevent the virus, I couldn’t find a picture of orange jeans so I chose the fruit as my symbol for the orange, I really just loved the photo, couldn’t have imagined the turn of events that we’re about to unfold, I found this imagery very artistic and very symbolic and beautiful, a statement of healing earth perhaps with the orange in her hand, being an artist in regards to painting as well I study and appreciate visual imagery, maybe it’s symbolic that we need to protect ourselves from the virus of racism, she is covered by the gladwrap being protected. ❤️ https://www.amazon.com/Orange-Jeans-Karen-OBrien/dp/B0884MH4MS

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Interview with Songwriter Karen O’Brien

  • What drew you to the music industry? Allen Leton friend that used to tell his experiences with music and love of his friend Johnny Cash, heard my stuff told me I had Talent.
  • Who are you inspired by? Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Lady Gaga, Allan Jackson, Producer Peter Gaines, ISSA (International Singer Singwriter Assosiation, Kristy James Singer-Songwriter, Music Mafia Radio, Zuzu Welsh Band and Bob Zuzu Welsh there Manager, Lance Turner, Michael from Lukes Army, Zandra Arnold – Gospel Singer-Songwriter, Mercy-Me, God, Hillsong Church Spotify, Brian Simon – Singer Songwriter, Tori Amos, Led Zepelin, Tracey Chapman and Robert Ross.
  • Please explain your creative process, I write down the words then contact my producer and let the magick happen.
  • What’s an average day like for you? talking with my beautiful daughter when she’s home from school, preparing her meals. Encouraging independence with dressing herself etc.
  • Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music? Love, Gospel, Country, peace not war example Orange Jeans by Karen O’Brien escaping the terror of war emotionally which I feel is very relevant during this pandemic 2020, with issues such as violence, hate,and disease going on, covid 19 ,I think it’s important we have a positive escape from all this through our faith and hope, music and love for our mental health.
  • Do you collaborate with others? What is that process? Producer, Networking with bands/singers.
  • Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans through youtube, word press ,facebook, spotify, linked in,
  • What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? Why? Hopefully being an inspiration to my daughter and making her proud, showing her you can achieve your dreams,
  • Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? I’m more of a behind scenes girl atm because I write the words.
  • What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps? Keep Faith, Pray, Meditate, Create a vision board, get marketing, lots of posters, photographs, never give up.

Original source-https://work.chron.com/good-interview-questions-musicians-25021.html

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Recalling the Lord Miracles

Irvin L. Rozier

I Recall The Lord’s Miracles

Religion Articles | May 20, 2005

Lord I recall your miracles when I am down and outHow the walls of Jericho fell at only a shoutThe Red Sea parted at your commandThen Moses led your children to the promise land

You turned ordinary water into wineYou multiplied the fishes and bread and said come and dinePeter walked on water when you bid him come to youThe whole world could not contain the miracles you did do

Elijah, Elisha, Peter and Paul performed miracles galorePaul’s ship was destroyed but all 276 came safe to shoreThese humble men of faith did great acts in your behalfMiracles that turned sorrow to joy and made men laugh

I remember how Joseph was sold as a slaveHow Elijah was depressed and hid in a caveThey both turned to you in their despairYou gave them strength and showed them you did care

Nehemiah was charged with rebuilding Jerusalem’s wallIn an incredible 52 days he built it strong and tallYou strengthened Gideon’s faith by the sign of the fleeceWith an army of 300, he defeated the enemy and had peace

You still perform miracles in this present timeI remember how you provided when I didn’t have a dimeLord I know that faith and belief in you is a mustNothing is impossible with you, in you I trust

Copyright 2005, Irvin L. Rozier

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Author of My Walk with the Lord, www.selahbooks.com, various other articles and poems 9do a google search on my name), preacher, Chaplain of American Legion, retired US Army

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Rob Marshall

Where Are God’s Miracles?

Religion Articles | October 26, 2006

When things in our lives aren’t going as we had hoped, and we wonder what happened to the miracles we read about in the Bible, the story of Gideon from the Old Testament shows us that God never abandons us. If we will learn to trust God again, miracles can happen.

I like the story of Gideon from the Old Testament book of Judges. In chapter 6 we read that Gideon lived at a time when the Midianites were oppressing the Children of Israel and taking everything they had. It was a desperate time when people were struggling just to survive.

When we first read about Gideon, he was threshing some wheat and trying to hide it from the Midianites. The angel of the Lord came to him and said, “The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.” (Judges 6:12)

I don